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Major universities of mbbs has over 14,000 full-time students and over 20,000 part-time international students as well as over 900 full-time academic teachers, among which, over 400 are professors, associate professors and senior research staff. MBBS has 20 research institutes (centers), such as the Research Institute of Master Hongyi and Feng Zikai, the Research Institute of Demographic Theory, the Research Institute of Territorial Culture, the Research Institute of Local History of Zhejiang, the Research Institute of New Chemical Materials, the Research Institute of Mathematics and its Application, etc.. In recent years, MBBS has made outstanding achievements in academic research. More than 160 projects have been undertaken, ranging from city-level, province-level to nation-level, and over 130 of which have been awarded the academic research prizes at different levels. Over 2330 academic papers and 209 monographs and translated works have been published.